Selecting Bridge crashes iPhone App

I just installed an Ultraloq UBolt Pro. I paired it fine with with Bluetooth, and I can use the app in proximity to the lock. I then attempted to pair it to the Bridge. It scans for the bridge, but then when I select the Bridge, the iPhone App crashes and closes.

I have tried this multiple times.
I can pair and select the Bridge using my wife’s phone, but as I’m the administrator, I need to pair it with my phone.

iPhone 7plus iOs 15.5
U-tec V1.10.8
Both Bridge and Phone on the same 2.4ghz wifi network

I just installed today and have exactly this issue as well. As soon as I try to select the bridge in the app, the app crashes.

I have also had trouble connecting the bridge. I am using Iphone 12 pro max.

I did solve the issue, but by using my wife’s iPhone… She has an SE. I don’t know what iOS she’s using. But once I paired the lock and the bridge, I was able to access the bridge/lock combo with my own phone.

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