Scheduled shared access

I have the U-Bolt Pro wireless. I haven’t needed to use shared access but have a contractor visiting my house in the next few days so I decided to try the shared access function. I set up the schedule and decided to test it. It DOES NOT WORK. I’ve checked the schedule, I am inside the scheduled time. I checked the passcode & it is correct. Why does it not work?

Hi John35, I only have experience with the UBolt with a bridge (no build in wifi) and the “old” app…

The scheduled time function may not always work the way you expect it to. If you just have the shared access for one day (or multiple days separated by off-days), then it works the way you expect: on the selected day access starts at the start time and ends at the end time.

If you are setting up access for multiple days in a row (as you would if you had an AirBNB), then the start and end times apply for each day individually. So if check in time is 3 PM on day 1 and check out time is 11 AM on day 5, your renters would be locked out between 11AM and 3PM every day.

I expect this is NOT your problem, but thought I’d mention it just in case you set up the contractor’s access for, say, 3 days between 8AM and 4PM but were testing it at 6PM on day 2.

and BTW I’m going to check my system since I’m using the new app now and I don’t want my dog walker to be locked out!

Thanks for the response. I ended up deleting the scheduled access and set-it back up & it now works. As good as this lock is, it has its problems. It drops off WiFi CONSTANTLY, then reconnects. Not sure whats happening there since the WiFi signal is constant and strong & I have plenty of bandwidth (fiber).

Regarding an AirBNB
What if you create three accounts with the same passcode:
Mike1: Valid at check-in time until midnight.
Mike2: Valid 24x7 day2 until day before checkout.
Mike3 Valid day of checkout midnight-checkout time.

Well, I have no thoughts about it dropping and reconnecting to WiFi (doesn’t happen to me) although somewhere in the back of my brain I seem to remember seeing discussions about other WiFi devices having that problem and it being something that can be corrected. Maybe a Google search for “IoT devices dropping and reconnecting to WiFi”, or some such, would be fruitful.

That is absolutely the work-around, but at painful one if one has several rentals with high turnover rates (e.g., once a week). I was just using it as a way of demonstrating the issue.

If all rentals start and end on, say, Friday, even if they are multi-week, I suppose one could make it less painful by leaving the schedules in place and just updating the passcodes whenever there is a new renter (and adjusting “Mike2” to be valid even on Fridays for all but the last week of the rental). Certainly not the most convenient but better than totally re-entering the information for the next renter.

u-tec does have a software product for people with multiple properties, which is presumably intended for this situation. Perhaps it allows one to enter continuous access from 3PM day 1 through 11AM on checkout day.