Registration error

I purchased a new property

The property has 3 units. Each has a Latch 5 NFC

Device 1
SN: 8030306122450529
MAC: 34:85:18:26:76:AD

Device 2
SN: 8030306122450594
MAC: 34:85:18:27:35:DD

Device 3
SN: 8030306122450522
MAC: 34:85:18:27:57:E9

I’m able to unlock each device using the code provided by the previous property owner.

I want to be able to set new codes for new tenants

The property does not have WiFi yet but shouldn’t matter

I’ve downloaded the three apps in the app store to try to connect to my devices. V1 beta, v1, v2

I can see all three devices on the app via Bluetooth. See pic

I can see all three device MAC addresses. See pic

All three apps show registration error. See pic

I’ve resetted countless times using needle reset

I’ve taken out the batteries and waited 5 minutes before putting back in

I don’t know what else to do. I can’t even connect to any device because of this registration error.

Issue resolved.

Solution: Utec sent the previous owner an email to remove all devices from their account. After the previous owner did that, I was able to add these devices to my account.

@vincent4 Thank you for letting us know your issue was resolved.