Officially Supported Home Assistant Integration

Please make it possible for Home Assistant Integration. Does U-Tec have an officially stated opinion on this? Please let us know if this is a possibility.


The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave (including type 2 security) interviews and integrates with Z-Wave JS to MQTT on Home Assistant better than the three prior locks I’ve tried. U-tec needs to transfer the functionality of the cell phone app to devices and entities that Home Assistant can read and write.

Home Assistant currently lists nothing at all (devices or entities) for automations, and Z-Wave JS to MQTT, although stating that sending a “lock or unlock” communication to the lock was successful, the lock does nothing and never responds to Z-Wave JS to MQTT integration. Z-Wave JS to MQTT only knows whether the U-Bolt Pro is locked or unlocked (manually or with the cell phone app). However, you can’t set it or read it in Home Assistant for an automation. Also, there’s no data in Z-Wave JS to MQTT regarding the “open or closed” door sensor, and therefore there can be no automations in Home Assistant regarding a very important “state” of a front door.

I can say the same thing about Shelly’s cell phone app although Shelly does a much better job of integration with Home Assistant for automations (albeit less security needed). U-Tec, you could make a giant leap forward.


Home Assistant has just announced a native bluetooth integration, upon which additional integrations can be built. It would be beyond amazing if U-Tec could create an integration using this new integration where the ultraloq could be controlled locally from Home Assistant.

I, like many others here, would have bought more locks if a local control feature and home assistant integration was available.


Any updates on this? I just got this lock and I’m very disappointed with the zwave support and lack of functionality in home assistant.


Id love this to work with Home assistant

Please add integration to home Assistant, there is not many lock officially supported and it’s a researched fonctionnality when someone want to buy a lock for SmartHome. Your competitor begin to open their API and / or make offical integration.


yes please make the home assistant integration happpen !

Congratulations to Ultraloq on becoming the newest Works with Home Assistant partner (blog post).

I very much hope this is only the beginning, and this wishlist item is still prioritized. Z-Wave is great, but since not all locks have Z-Wave, and this is only available in some regions, a fully featured integration utilizing bluetooth and/or local APIs would be immensely useful and appreciated by the growing and enthusiastic Home Asssistant community!

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This is wonderful news !!

Yes please extend to the Bluetooth / WiFi controllers as well !


hopefully they also bring the wifi bridge into the fold and not just Z-wave

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Yes, I’m also really hoping a local/cloud integration becomes available for Bluetooth/WiFi locks. @Carrie, could you please comment on whether this is planned?

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This is really great news and I hope this will lead to improved Z-Wave capabilities!

Any update on this?

It’s essentially useless without providing the ability for zwavejs to read/write of various parameters that the ultraloq app can do.

Additionally, any updates on wifi/Bluetooth apis for the locks. I’m interested in getting the Latch 5 Series and the zwave lock but not without full local control that doesn’t require the ultraloq app.


Really disappointed after reading the “works with home assistant” announcement but missing the detail about zwave and to have bought one and a wifi bridge only to discover I can’t integrate it into my smart home in a useful way. Now, if it’s coming I don’t mind a bit of a wait - but really want to add my voice to those asking for this.