Offer a Door Sensor That Integrates Into The Door Frame

The Door Sensor is an essential part of the U-tec Ultraloq which I recently bought. However, I was disappointed to discover that the only option to install the sensor was by mounting it to the exterior of the door frame.

Before I selected the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro, I tried out 2 other major Smart Lock brands (August Pro and August WiFi, and Danalock.) I really appreciated the option on the August Smart Locks to integrate the door sensor directly into the doorframe by drilling a small hole into the interior of the doorframe (see photo below.) Could you offer an accessory like this for the ultraloq so I could remove the unsightly door sensor from the side of my door frame?

Image Source: How to Install: DoorSense™

I agree. Ours kept getting removed or fell off, until I screwed them into the door frame. I’ve been contemplating creating a cutout exactly the size of the sensor using a Dremel, and burying the sensor into the frame. If the sensor was smaller or round, it would make such task easier.

Have you experimented with replacing the door sensor with an ordinary magnet? I think the door sensor may just be some kind of a magnet.

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It’s definitly just a strong magnet. I suspect that any strong magnet would work, but to be sure, we should be cautious due to this FAQ. I’m no expert.

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It will leave a permanent hole in the door frame with this integrated door sensor, this is one of the main reasons why we have not chosen this method. We will see more feedbacks on this issue.

I agree that this is the tradeoff. I would appreciate minimizing the hole as much as possible. But if a circular sensor could be designed with a small enough diameter (maybe 7 or 8 mm) and a small enough depth (no more then 12 mm) it would not be very hard to fill the hole with wood putty and touch-up the patch with paint. I don’t think most people would notice the repair after it was removed.

I’ve done something similar for old wired ADT security system door sensors.


Didn’t even occur to me that the sensor could be embedded in the door frame, but I definitely would want that over the current “wart”. Will the existing rectangular sensor work if I embed it into the frame and re-pair it?

I currently have it in the upper corner of the door frame (far from the deadbolt contrary to the instructions) and it works well. I’ve had to re-pair it once after about 4 months use when it thought the door was perpetually closed.

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