Can the door open sensor be imbedded in the door frame!

Can the door open sensor be installed in the door frame rather than on the outside of the trim? They stick out rather far and tens to get caught on stiff entering and exiting in the door. It seems like it would be ease, although looking at how it works, the logic would have to be reversed.

Some of our customers drilled a tinny hole on the door frame, and install the magnet in the door sensor in this hole, it also works fine.

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If you pop open the door sensor, you’ll find a small neodymium magnet inside. If you bury that into the wooden door frame by drilling a hole, and retrain the lock with that as the door sensor (by removing and re adding the door sensor which will run through the door sensor calibration routine) you should be able to get it to work just the same. You’ll likely have the best functionality if you keep the magnet as close as possible to the inside of the door frame and near the bottom of the unit on the door just as recommended for the sensor unit you pulled the magnet out of.


I was successful in imbedding the magnet into the door frame on all odd the doors. I found that if you put it just below the latch plate, close to the inside of the door jamb, it works perfectly! Its a much cleaner look.

Can you take a photo showing where you installed it?

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