Door sensor - Beta


I tested the lock both on my Las Vegas property and in San Diego Property.

In regards to door sensor, it was fine for my Las Vegas property. But in my San Diego property the door surround was big and door sensor unfortunately will not work and always shows open on app. See pictures.

You may want to consider sensors for different type of doors.

We have located a pretty serious bug with the door sensor, will do an update soon.


I reported this in the survey. I am eagerly awaiting the app update. This is amazing news.


I’m really digging the door sensor but would love one that has a lower form factor. Luckily, my door frame allows for the sensors to work appropriately. It’s been flawless for the most part.

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My door sensor works pretty good after a little bit to get it set just right but i actually put out mine inside the door frame as it looks better. Would be great to have one thats built into the plate that goesnintonthe frame so when you close the dorr it locks and to where if the door is open it doesnt auto lock as there isbno point to lock when the door aint shut.