Magnetic Sensor Orientation?

My magnet popped apart. Inside there is a cube neodynium magnet with a black stripe. Which way is this thing supposed to be oriented inside of the plastic housing.

Hi Eric,
We have already replied you in the ticket: #123568, please check your e-mail.
Thank you.

For any other users curious about the same issue, could you put the answer to the question here in this thread? I had the magnet fall out of my sensor and I didn’t even consider that there might be a specific polarity to it before putting it back in, maybe I just got lucky, or maybe it didn’t matter because I recalibrated after putting it back on the frame and it still works well for me

I put it with the black line horizontally at the top. But I actually don’t think it matters as long as it is horizonal. … I used a magnet to figure out the direction of the field and just made sure North/South went towards and away from the lock.