Looks like Uloq has left Amazon

Can’t find the deadbolt pros anymore, except for a few stragglers. Interesting that they’ve locked it down to their own site.

Well, they do give up a lot of margin to Amazon… but also get a lot of leads. They still have their “store” on Amazon, at least for now.

Home Depot has them. Just bought one

Amazon dropped the WiFi Pro because it was a piece of garbage that didn’t work . I spent weeks going back and forth with customer support before they admitted there were problems with their products. I wound up just returning to Amazon for a full refund.

It’s a crap product. I got locked out when the motor got stuck. Even the key didn’t work & a locksmith had to drill into the lock.
Customer support refused to reimburse for the locksmith bc I bought their product on Amazon, but they sent me a replacement lock, which is completely useless since the autolock malfunction is a known issue.