Lock / unlock from location screen

Add an icon of lock or unlock on the screen that has all the locks on it. So you can go to one location and check all of the locks you have and if they are open or not. Should be an easy upgrade to the UI

@Thomas9 while I agree that would be a useful function, I suspect it would cause serious battery drain, both on the locks and on the phone. I expect that it would require a persistent connection to all locks all the time. Unfortunately, not just a simple UI change.

I understand the concern about battery life and functionality. I disagree it will need a persistent connection. Adding a status check button that pings all of the locks on wifi at once and returns a graphic and time stamp could be one of them. That would fit within the current number of screens. If you are checking all of your locks one by one, you will be using the same battery life for your phone and locks.

That being said, there are many ways to get this functionality into the system. I do appreciate your comment and concern, I did not think about the battery life and it is a valid point. I believe in this situation there are definitly alternatives to still get the same results.

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No app cannot locate lock to install it scanner do not pick up lock lock not installed just app cannot keep saying no device The service rep said that you all may have to send me a new lock cuz it’s not reading I can reset the lock manually and put in a new code to lock the lock manually but cannot open the lock off operate the lock from my mobile phone app locks not installing

Love this idea. It would be an excellent addition for us who run motels/hotels

This is something that LiftMaster’s myQ app has. Open the app, the Open or Closed status is shown for all your doors in an easy list.

Same should be done for the U-tec app: the screen that shows your locks by location should also indicate Unlocked or Locked status without having to interrogate each lock individually.

I completely agree. Just about every other home connected device has a summary screen. I believe it would add a great deal of value to the use of this product.

Connect it to Smart Things and the icon shows Locked/Unlocked Status AND let’s you lock/unlock. I found it to be more responsive than the native app because it doesn’t load all the superfluous stuff, plus the battery life indicator is better.

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Many thanks @Baju Baju. I’d not tried linking my U-tec account with SmartThings but it works! Awesome! :100:

Oh crap it seems Smarthings does often display the wrong status for the locks. This renders it useless of course.