Latch 5 Fingerprint Clutch Failure

I am on my third Latch 5 Fingerprint device. I went with this as I had an older version and it worked seamlessly for years, but I moved. I cannot believe all the trouble I am having. This is the third time this lock has failed on me due to a clutch failure. This last time was the worst and I think you should know and report how this affected me. I am a single 65 year old female. I returned home in mid-January in Wisconsin, we had freezing rain, about 32 degrees and the lock failed. I am alone, two hours from family, I remember I left a SMALL window unlocked, and was able to crawl into it. I ended up with major bruising. This needs to be addressed somehow by your company. If I would have been unable to get in, then what were my risks. Hypothermia?

Then SUPPORT responded asking me again all the questions I had answered in the next paragraph. I don’t think they even read it, well actually they could not have because it was answered.

I sent a video when I notified you. I have done more than enough trouble shooting as this is the THIRD lock that has failed. The batteries were just put in, the back up key is USELESS if the clutch won’t engage, it fits the door perfect as this is the THIRD LOCK, the handle doesn’t sag as you should be able to see from the video that was sent. All other questions are answered by the video that was sent!

This is becoming more than an inconvenience and more of a significant potential for harm! My family is aware of the trouble I have had with the lock and if this situation causes harm to me, it won’t be a simple problem any more.