Issues with forum and then with u-tec app

Hi everyone, I came here to ask questions about a core functionnality of my Smart Lock, but first of all, I ran into issues with the forum, let’s clear this out first.

Trying to log in, changing password
I tried to log in the forums using my email, but my password was refused, so I tried the forgot password feature on the website to change it. I don’t know why it would have changed, I use a password manager, anyway. I enter my email and hit the Get Code button, wow, 30 seconds to actually receive the email, copy the code from that email and then type a complex password, twice ? So I did it on my 2nd attempt by copying the password from my password manager first, I fill the fields, it resets the form…, so I guess it was successful ? I try to log in…, nope, doesn’t work, and I can’t be wrong, I’m using the password manager. At the end, I can’t update the password, I can’t access this forum with my account.

Creating a new account with secondary email
I used my secondary email to create a new account, I filled up everything, and when I sent the form, I get this error message : Bad request : message.ALERT.unknown_error_title message.ALERT.unknow_error_msg. So…, I guess it didn’t work. I try a second time, this time, it says my email (secondary) already exists, so I try to log in instead, and it works (here I am). Wow, that is a nasty web experience, I’m less confused on why I’m getting problems with the u-tec app not working the way it’s supposed to be, I think it’s embedded in the company itself : things that should work but aren’t. That is how I imagine their slogan now.

Problem with auto unlock
Like many people I saw on various threads, my main issue is the auto-unlock feature that works about 10% / 20% of the time. Often, it ‘works’ when I’m already inside the home, 2-3 minutes after I manually unlocked it.

Being in IT, I’m trying to notice a pattern that would explain why it does this, but can’t, it’s just unreliable. I tried many firmwares, I also had 3 different routers with basic to complex configurations (Asus, Omada and Ubiquiti), I had a Pixel 3 and a Pixel 6 Pro, I followed many tips from U-Tec support like battery saving exemption, opening it every day for a whole month, rebooting my phone often, disconnecting and reconnecting my bridge. I even moved about 2 months ago and bought a brand new one for my new home, it does the exact same thing : auto-unlock works about 10 to 20% of the time.

Has somebody found something that actually works for this supposed feature ? This drives me crazy, maybe there’s something to be done elsewhere, can I use a 3rd party software like IFTTT instead to unlock my front door ? Because, I had this lock for 2 years so far, and like I said, I completely changed it along with the bridge when I moved away 2 months ago and, it’s the same thing happening.

Magic Shake not working often
Same thing with Magic Shake here, it’s more reliable, but about 50% of the time. I don’t even try to use it now when someone arrives, I just manually unlock my door instead of letting people wait for me to swing my phone. My phone vibrates, like something is about to happen…, but nothing happens, my door remains locked.

Wifi bridge swiging from WiFi to Bluetooth
If I leave the app open on my phone and look at him, is that normal that is starts by being connected to WiFi (WiFi icon in the top right corner when looking at my lock) and then it communicates somehow (Connecting…) every 30 seconds or so only to give me the lock status again, but this time the connection is Bluetooth. It does this again 30 seconds later (Connecting…) and gives me the status of the lock again (50/50 chance of being WiFi or Bluetooth, totally random). Is that a normal behaviour ? I also noticed that the bridge has it’s green dot, but sometimes, just on the side, there’s a blue dot blinking, and sometimes it’s solid red.

I like the lock, it’s well-built, many great options, but damn it’s hard to recommend considering that those features aren’t working.

Has someone discovered something or it’s an ongoing issue since 2021 that U-Tec can’t or doesn’t care to fix ?