How to replace keypad on U-bolt pro

Bought a couple U-bolt Pro locks a while ago and one had the fingerprint sensor fail recently. I created a ticket and have worked with support to get a replacement keypad which was just delivered yesterday.

I have replied to my ticket with this question so I know I will get a reply from them in the next couple days. But I wanted to try and replace the keypad and get the lock set back up this weekend if possible so posting this here.

I want to know how to replace the keypad??? I know how to physically replace it but I am talking about programming and pairing with the bridge that the original lock was already paired with.

I see an option in the IOS app to ‘Remove Device’. I would think I might need to remove the device and find my instructions and follow them again. But maybe that isnt needed. This is all going under the assumption that the login, pairing, fingerprints, and key codes etc are saved in something on the keypad part of the lock itself and NOT the other part of the lock that is on the inside of the door. But maybe that is not correct.

Any guidance would be helpful. Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks in advance.

Hi, l have answered the question in the ticket #111467 and please check it.