How responsive is the UTec Help desk?

Hi all,
I use the Utec uBolt as a ‘domestic’ and think its great. I am thinking about buying the same for a commercial building (our village hall) and want to make good use of the online options (multiple users etc.) … I don’t use these at the moment.
Clearly support is a very important consideration for us … we’ll need someone to help us when we can’t work out how to do ‘stuff’.
How have people found UTec support generally? I did send a support request in on Friday and haven’t had anything back yet …

Bob I have had 3 locks from them. I have had to contact support once or twice and have always had a positive feedback! They have also furnished replacement parts when needed although that was only once:) I have not gone with the “Air” app but I am considering to do so.
Sait Augustine Fl

I have Auto Unlock issues and my troubleshooting with them is “look at these basic docs to ensure basic settings are right”, try android, pay to replace device and hope magically problems go away. No actual troubleshooting. After 2 years I find the products buggy ad best. The hw is mostly nice but sw/smart home integration is not.