How do I unlock the door from inside, WITHOUT using app?

Have a U-Bolt Pro Wifi. When we want to leave the house, the lock / door knob feels engaged with motor and it is very hard to turn (and I don’t think we should turn it). So far I’m just using the App to unlock it before I open the door. It feels cumbersome to need to do that just to open the door from side. Is there a way to make the lock “not engaged” with motor and we can just turn the knob to open the door?

It seems lately people I’ve had issues with these auto locking doors. In settings I have a toggle switch where I can choose to have the door locked automatically after specified time or not have it auto locked.
I’m not sure if you lack your house while you’re in the house but if you don’t you can certainly find a setting that won’t auto lock your door. As far as turning the handle being difficult I would set up geofencing or use your phone to unlock it. There’s got to be easier way than having it feel like it’s stuck

Hi Mandy. It should normally be pretty easy to turn the knob manually. When I had a similar problem, it was because of one of two things:

  1. the deadbolt was rubbing on the door jamb latch. This also made the batteries go down quickly. In this case, I adjusted the hole and plate in the jamb so that the deadbolt slid easily, without touching the sides.
  2. there was an unknown issue with the lock itself, where it seemed like the lock was almost fighting me when I turned it. I admit I just forced it to lock and unlock once or twice, and then it reset itself somehow, and was back to normal.

good luck!


I have also experienced this and it usually happens if you turn the thumb latch during the electronic locking process. I usually just turn turn the thumb latch all the way in both directions and this will resynchronize it’s position. You will likely hear the motor spin as you manually turn it.