Homeseer Pi G3 Z-Wave is able to remotely program user code

Found this on the HS4 Homeseer Z-Wave plug in on my Pi G3.
There is a manage lock option where if you click it will show your admin user code. You can add additional codes and the Ultraloq will recognize and start using. In the U-tec app log they will show as a user “-”, but says “password unlocked”. I was able to delete just this user and retain my admin code with no issue.
Up to now I thought that I was unable to remotely add users with z-wave. For those using HS4, you are in fact able to do so.
There is a doc on this: Manage Locks - Products

Edit: Found out that if you add a user code through HS4 that is already an existing user in the U-Tec App, then the app log will show “-” for user name.
If you then delete this user in HS4, it does not deactivate this user in the lock and the app will then report the correct name you associated in the app.