Home Assistant ZWave integration

I have the Pro integrated with Home Assistant using ZWave. Things are working well but have a few questions.

  1. How do users created in the app via Bluetooth relate to users created in HA via ZWave? Specifically, I am able to create a user in ZWave with password 1234 and a user in Bluetooth with password 1234. If I set a start/end time for the user in Zwave but not in Bluetooth, how will the lock handle the conflict?

  2. The HA created users appear in the app in the admin category. That’s fine, but only the password is being passed to the app, not the user name. Is it possible to have the username for HA-created appear in the list in the app?


It’s not a Z-Wave integration that would need to be created. The lock would need to expose all of these attributes over Z-Wave to be read/written to mirror the functionality using Bluetooth provides. Potentially depending on how it’s done it may require pull requests to update the the zwavejs driver to work with the attributes so it can be processed correctly.

It was disappointing to hear that Z-Wave is so limited for these locks and that their new nfc/fingerprint locks don’t have Z-Wave.

How are you creating users in HA and having them show up in the u-Tec app? Are you using a zwave service? When I use the zwave_js.set_lock_usercode service I do not see a new user listed in the app.

The lock doesn’t allow it. Only open/close as far as I know.

That’s why I asked in the previous post for more read/write attributes such as users and lock codes.

Ahh ok, that makes sense. I interpreted your post like you had it working.

I can create users using zwave, and then the codes can be used to unlock the door. But my lock is running in standalone mode, so I don’t know how (or if) that would show up in the app.

The process is brittle, confusing, mislabeled, and painful. But it does work if you remember to stir the cauldron counter-clockwise while rubbing your belly clockwise… or something.

[feat] Support for Ultraloq zwave locks · Issue #3935 · zwave-js/node-zwave-js · GitHub is where I documented all the details.

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