U-Bolt Z-Wave Pro with Hubitat useless?

I just purchased this lock based upon its well rounded feature set, specifcally integration with Google assistant, smartphone control from anywhere and share access remotely.
I have successfully paired the lock with the zwave hubitat .
It appears that the only functionality of the zwave hub is lock and unlock.
Am I missing something here (user error) or is this false advertising??

  • Unable to add device to Google assistant (although account is linked)
  • Users don’t sync from u-tec app to hubitat lock code manager app
  • hubitat lock code manager app can create users (admin) and sync to u-tec app, but unable to change user type in the u-tec app.

As of today, yes. But in my case that is it what I was looking for.

In my case I am OK to use an app for managing users.

I’m learning basically the same thing you did. Or coming to the same conclusions. Z-Wave version is extremely limited, and does not integrate with google (via a hub) as advertised. I’d love to hear if there is anyone who has had success with this, but I don’t think there are enough users of the z-wave version using hubitat and google and this forum. Would love to hear from U-Tec as well, as they claim it works with google.