Fingerprint registration failed

I cannot register fingerprints in the u-tec app.

Each time I’ve tried over the past 5 days to add fingerprints to the app, I get a fingerprint registration failed error. I’ve tried on 2 different iPhones with the same user ID and passcode, and I’ve tried on a guest account with two different iPhones. I get the same error each time “Administrator login failed.(-5)”, followed by either "Admin login timeout:, or “Fingerprint registration failed”.

The lock version is 02.26.0020
The app is V1.12.4


Could you please contact customer service to get help.

There maybe a chance that you admin code has some error. If you encouter administrator login failed every you edit user information, you need to delete the lock in the app and re-add to the App.

This has happened to me too. It seems to dump its load and you need to start from scratch to recover. One time it didn’t work for about a month and then it just came back online by itself. Weird.