Finger Print reader fail

Purchased the Ultralog U Bolt Pro Wi-Fi. Attempted to install
The only thing not working is the fingerprint reader.

I have done:

  1. Firmware update.
  2. Four resets (2 with app and 2 indoor lock).
  3. Reinstalled from the beginning twice
  4. Read the install procedure multiple times
  5. Replaced the batteries
  6. Looked at more than 3 install videos
  7. Tried three different users profiles fingerprints.
    I always get the “Notice Operation failed OK” notice.
    • Current Firmware is 01.41.0023
    • Pin and App is working
    • Auto doorlock is working
    • Wifi is enabled and working.
    • Log appears to be working

What are your suggestions for fixing the fingerprint reader?

@el1 . We have created a ticket#224416 for you. Please check your e-mail for detailed reply.

These locks are cheaply made. Only last 3 months if you’re lucky. Then you have a code punch lock.

@VanSolkema We sincerely apologize for any troubles caused for you. We have created a ticket #224794 for the issue of your lock. Please check your e-mail for our detailed reply. Thank you!