Feature request: View administrative action within logs

Would be nice to be able to view administrative logs; I mean logs related to change; for example:

  • User creation
  • Lock configuration changed
  • Network Connectivity issue
  • Battery changed
  • etc

also here so smart notifications suggestion

  • User schedule about to expire
  • Network configuration changed
  • low bridge signal
  • plus all above logs suggestion but as notification

Hello, thank you for your feedback! May I ask where you currently use Ultraloqs? If you have these functions, what convenience will it bring to you?

Sorry for the late reply

i’ve missed your message…

Yes, I have few ubolt-pro + bridge spread across multiple properties.

Most of the above request are mostly to facilitate rental management when multiple people are managing the property.

At first, i was surprised that we can’t see any administrative logs within the app, which make impossible to audit or review any change made the lock

Anyway, in the end not sure if the ubolt is really suited to be centrally managed in a corporate environment…. it’s more for personal use with a limited number of locks

happy holiday

Happy holiday, marco. Thanks for your feedback. We have been considering this feature. The firmware needs some updates so it won’t be so quick. Any more, we will release a more efficient tool(Ultraloq Air) for commercial use in 2023 Q2. Keep watching.