Eating Batteries

Does anyone else with the BETA lock have issues with it eating batteries? I have it on a door with no a ton of traffic, use it maybe once every few days (fingerprint, code or app) and since I have gotten it I have had to replace the batteries twice now. I get the low battery warning on the app. I am using standard batteries, nothing rechargeable but I was going to move it to lithium rechargeable ones eventually.

I have not had the battery drain issue. Several others, but on the original batteries.

Be careful with lithium batteries, esp rechargeables, because they drain nonlinearly. That is to say, the lock will report all good on the batteries, but then once they are out of juice, they fall rapidly from “low” to “dead”. I’ve had this problem with other lithium batts (non-rechargeable tho) where they went from “fine” to “useless” in a very short time. Maybe if you’re around frequently to recharge them, it will be fine. For my application, where I’m not there often, I need the extra warning time I get with the graceful decline of conventional alkalines… Anyway, just thought I’d add my 2cents - otherwise have no input on your REAL question lol… good luck!!

If you have a wifi bridge…try moving it to a different outlet. I had battery issues that I guessed were related to the wifi connection dropping. Moved the bridge and things got better.

I have the same issue if replacing batteries about every month. Just terrible. The company was going to send me a new interior assembly, but they wanted me to pay for shipping. Unbelievable, it is under warranty, not good customer service. Disgusting.

My beta lock completely stopped working about a week ago. I thought it was because of batteries, but i have tried 3 different brands and its just dead. :sob: