Door orientation reverts back to default

I set the door orientation during setup which worked fine until I started making changes via standalone. When I turned off auto lock, and again when I added a fingerprint the door went back to the default orientation. I do not have wifi available yet.

Has this been a known issue?

Did you setup the lock in standalone mode from beginning to end? I’m not certain what you mean by making changes in standalone. Can you confirm that you have not installed the lock with a phone app? This whole process is using the Standalone Mode programming, I assume? A lock can be either programmed via App or Standalone at one time. Can you also list the model of the lock you have? That would help us better assist you. Thank you.


Lock is a u-bolt pro wifi.

I was doing everything via standalone, no wifi available for a couple of weeks
Set lock orientation, after which lock performed fine.
Set Admin code
Turned off auto lock, lock reverted to default orientation
Reset orientation
Entered Admin fingerprint, lock reverted to default orientation
Reset orientation
Made no other setting changes, lock performed fine

Realized that the app will work via bluetooth
Reset lock
Setup via bluetooth
So far so good!! :grinning: