Differences in hardware versions

I have two different versions of the deadbolt latch hardware - pictured below. I am wondering which to use and what the differences are. The latch labeled “2” works with lithium batteries. The latch labeled “1” seems to have an issue with them causing it to lose power due to a rocking battery.

Hi, we have replied you in the ticket 125498 and please check it.

you have replyed but you cant state what the reply was??? you guys are (not) great. All I can say is DONT BUY U-TEC.

I know, right? I don’t have a strong opinion on U-Tec yet, but agree posting the answer here for anyone who is interested is helpful for everyone. Here is what I learned via ticket:

The picture 2 is the version 1.0 and the picture 1 is the version 2.0.
You should use the original batteries.[What is the Battery Life for Ultraloq Smart Lock?]https://support.u-tec.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028185352-What-is-the-Battery-Life-for-Ultraloq-Smart-Lock-?source=search

I asked for further detail and they replied:

The difference between the Version 1 and 2 like the picture below.

BUT actually both the ones I am holding are V2.0 based on this photo despite different battery compartments. I am asking further because I am really interested in what any differences are that I would care about, like security or battery life or reliability. I don’t really care about component layout.

@S115 Thank you for posting the correct answer here. :smiley:

Thanks for mentioning but please see my last comment - still looking for an answer about any differences between the two units I have. One is certainly V 2.0 and the other still seems up in the air.

I have Version 2.0 (Photo 1 - Left) on 2 of my UBolt WiFi Pro models.

When using Eneloops, I find that the U-Bolt lock will completely go dead every few months.
If I re-seat one or more of the batteries, the unit comes back alive and connects back to WiFi again. This happens despite the batteries being fully charged.

Obviously, I keep a physical key outside of the houses with these locks.
Nonetheless, this is so bloody annoying.