Deadbolt doesn't close or open all the way

Deadbolt doesn’t close or open all the way.
It also goes very slow as if the batteries are dead but they are brand new.

I’ve only had this happen to me when the batteries were dying or dead. Did you just install the lock? If so, you might have some minor misalignment between the bolt itself and the motor/knob that’s making it hard for the lock. This video covers a lot of the things that could cause friction due to minor misalignment between the u-bolt and the deadbolt. How to Solve the Jamming issue for U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro - YouTube I’ve found that it has to be near perfectly lined up to move smooth enough for the motor to easily throw the bolt, but when you do get it right, the batteries will last much longer.
Another thing to check , you might have too much friction on the strike plate if the deadbolt is rubbing it in the door frame. This is hard to tell since it happens while the door is shut and you cannot see it. But the easy way to tell if its rubbing is by feeling how easy the knob turns when the door is open, and comparing that to how it feels when you turn the knob after the door is closed. In my case, the deadbolt was rubbing both on the bottom AND inside of the strike plate (which didn’t matter much for the previous manual deadbolt, but it mattered much more when you’re letting a battery powered motor try to overcome that friction). I had to move the strike plate down about 1/4" and towards the inside like 1/8" or so and it has been working smoothly since.