Crap product & need locksmith

You know who has a good lock? Any other company but this one

Also, their customer service is horrible. They’ll replace a defective product with, you guessed it, ANOTHER defective lock

Thanks guys!

Lockstar, Teeho, Schlage, Yale…

Sorry for the inconvenience and the product not meeting your expectations. Our locks are pretty much run of the mill in terms of installation. However some people with older and/or extravagant doors have other existing types of locks and will require a locksmith.

Nope. This is not an older door. The building was constructed in 2015.

The installation of your product was fine, and your product worked adequately for about 8 months. Then, without warning, the motor stopped working to the point that even the key could not unlock the lock. I was completely locked out.
I had to contact a locksmith to drill into your lock. YOUR PRODUCT IS DEFECTIVE.

This is beyond unacceptable, and I will be sure to tell everyone and their grandmother to use your competitors like Schlage or Yale.

@Alicia Please check your updated ticket #176813 when you have a chance.

You sent me a replacement lock that is also defective.

You owe me the money that I spent on a locksmith.

Lockstar, Teeho, Schlage, Yale