Motor jammed and door won't unlock

Device won’t engage motor when keycode is entered. It has fresh batteries.
Had to call a locksmith and the lock won’t work at all. He had to drill the lock and put in a temporary lock. Device is clearly defective. Not using utec ever again.

They won’t refund me the money nor pay for the locksmith.


I had setup the fingerprint unlock or I would have had the same issue. The code has never, ever worked even after all the recommended “fixes”. And I’ve heard nothing from u-tec officially only other users trying to help because of their issues.

This is a terrible company with a defective product.

**Lockstar, Teeho, Schlage, Yale **- reliable locks.

Hi my motor jammed and door won’t unlock

I had the same issue. I went to remove the lock to replace with a competitors product and found that when I originally installed the lock I pinched the cable coming from the keypad and had cut the insulation on the wire exposing some copper. I repaired the cable and reinstalled the lock and now everything works fine.
I found the fingerprint feature works best if you use the feature a few times immediately after activating it.

Make sure when connecting the keypad wire to the battery box you don’t have any bent pins. The connector is pretty small.

@Alicia Please let us know if you still need any further help on your resolved request #176813