Can someone explain how the auto unlock/lock feature works when multiple phones are connected to the system

I need to know how the auto lock/unlock works when multiple phones (using GPS geofencing) are connected to the lock system.

For the system to enable the auto lock feature, do all the phones (using GPS geofencing) need to be “away” (further than 300 meters) from the lock? In other words, will the system not auto lock until the last phone is further than 300 meters from the lock.

Likewise, if the system is locked and all phones (using GPS geofencing) are “away” (further than 300 meters), does the system auto unlock once the first phone (using GPS geofencing) is “back” (less than 300 meters)?

Also, what happens if there is at least one phone (using GPS geofencing) is inside the home (within 300 meters of the lock) and another phone (using GPS geofencing) has been “away” (further than 300 meters) but comes “back” (within 300 meters) while the system is locked. Will the system unlock for the 2nd phone and any subsequent phones (using GPS geofencing)?

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