Auto unlock geofence needs smaller radius

300 meters is too large a radius for auto unlock. There needs to be smaller options like 100 or even 50 for tighter security. The road that runs past neighborhood is close enough that my lock opens whether I stop at the house or not. Also, it causes the lock to open prematurely and then locks back before I even get out of the car.

I agree 100% that there needs to be a way to set the distance to be much smaller.


I also 100% agree. I have set my geofence to the minimum of 300m and the same when members approach the door unlocks as they turn into the street and re-locks again before they reach the door.
The geofence needs to be set so as the door unlocks as a user approached the door, I have set the auto to 1min. I would not feel comfortable if the lock remained unlocked for an extended period of time.
What is the point of this community voice if it is not monitored by the organisation?

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At least the Auto Unlock works……should be grateful for small mercies :wink:

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a perfect solution with AutoUnlock as it takes in many user and manufacturers factors like phone hardware and Android or iOS version, app version, cellular signal strength, wifi signal strength and router hardware/software, battery life of the lock and the phone, internet hiccups. That’s probably just some of them as I’m not a developer.

Also you have to think about battery life of the lock if you reduce the geofence. Android states minimum of 150 and Apple at 200 meters. This isn’t something manufacturers can change without repercussions. However when you enter the geofence area, the lock shouldn’t unlock until you enter your WiFi or Bluetooth range. Can it be your WiFi signal is so good and far reaching that it’s unlocking the lock prior to you even getting to the door? Can you try disabling your WiFi on your cell phone, and rely on Bluetooth to see if that changes anything? Make sure you don’t pass your lock while driving and have it accidentally set off. Did you check the logs and does it give you a notification when it does? If not try updating to the latest version of U-tec app or even try the U home Beta.

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