Beta test: Keypad code not registering regularly?

Has anyone else experienced any unreliability with the keypad lock unlocking for this test?

Auto-lock works without an issue, but unlocking seems to be hit or miss. I would imagine that has nothing to do with WiFi or Bluetooth after the initial set-up, so unsure what’s wrong. Certainly possible it’s “user error,” but both my girlfriend and I are experiencing issues there versus our other main lock in the home.

was the unreliability meaning that, you put in the code , and the lock did not unlock?

Hi Frank,

Correct, we’re experiencing a few issues:

  • If we only use the code to unlock, it works 80% of the time.
  • If we use the code embedded within a longer string (for example, the code is 1234 and we put 54123456), it works much less than half of the time I’d say.

I haven’t had any issues using my code to unlock, but I’ll test the extra string code and see what happens.