Battery life too short...suggest a more powerful rechargable battery

I have 3 U-bolt locks and they eat batteries like M&Ms! Especially doors that are more active. Suggest the battery compartment be replaced with one powerful rechargeable battery so I can can always have one in standby. I have a second home and we are gone months at a time. Sometimes the lock batteries discharge while we’re gone. New batteries should last longer than this.

Our uBolt Pro lock batteries last at least 6 months on our motel room doors, and that is with constant use. We use lithium batteries. Maybe some issue with your locks?

One note: if the lock is not aligned well, it takes extra battery power to open and close the deadbolt. We found it helps to get our deadbolt hole lined up correctly.

Good luck!

I think it depends on the version of lock you have. The first one I bought works well, the batteries last at least 6 months. The second one I bought the batteries last about a month, maybe two months.

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