Account security improvements


I have concerns about U-tec’s approach to account security. I’d like to request that you consider the following:

  1. Increase the maximum allowable password length beyond 16 characters. The 16 character limit is too short in the modern world.

  2. Consider separating the credentials used to sign into the forum from the credentials used to sign into the mobile apps which control locks. Today, if someone penetrates your community forum, they will have acquired the credentials necessary to enter my physical house.

  3. Implement industry standard multi-factor authentication including support for Authenticator apps.

As it stands today, I have to use a password that is too short, I have no access to MFA, and the community forum is an attack vector for getting physical access to my house. I’d like to see U-Tec succeed as a leading security device vendor and I hope these suggestions help point the company in that direction.

Thanks for considering these requests.