A new generation of smart lighting product is coming soon! (Product Experience Officer is Recruiting)

Bright Series - the first smart lighting product that supports WiFi Mesh, ultra brightness + ultra-rich color, simple APP setup and control, voice control, scene setting, time schedule . . . A new generation of smart lighting product is coming soon! Product Experience Officers are being recruited!

The First WiFi Mesh Smart Lighting
WiFi Mesh is suitable for all households, especially medium and large homes where WiFi coverage is limited.

Traditional WiFi connections require a direct connection between each light with the router, which occupies the bandwidth; due to the limited coverage of the router, some lights that are located further away are hard to stay connected.

With the WiFi Mesh method, only one light in a room is directly connected to the router, while other lights are bridged through the Mesh network. In this way, not only is the bandwidth largely kept free, the long distance will not be a problem anymore – there will be no more “dead corners” out of touch.

Ultra-high brightness + ultra-rich colors
The first launch A19 products of Bright series support 850/1100LM light, which can achieve higher brightness than ordinary 800LM light. Among them, the 16 million light colors of the Color model can be switched freely, creating a colorful family atmosphere for you with one click.

App free control
You can set 16 million colors, freely adjust the color temperature and brightness, set the color of the light remotely, and turn on the light remotely.
Group Control
You can switch the lights in a room together, create colorful scenes and set lighting timings.

Colorful scene setting
You can pre-set a variety of color scenes for the lights in the entire room, and you can turn them on and off when you need them.

Schedule function
1.Turn on and off the lights or pre-set color scenes in the room regularly by setting the schedule.
2. When you set the wake-up and sleep timings, the lights will slowly turn on or off within the specified time, simulating sunrise and sunset in the morning and evening, and you can use colorful scenes.

Share with Family
You can share the device in the whole room with your family.

Simple Setup with Alexa
1.Power on the light bulb directly, Alexa will discover the device, and you can complete the voice setting of a light bulb.
2. Support many light bulbs to connect with Alexa via Mesh network.

Voice Control
You can directly use Alexa/Google Assistant to control the switch and set it to a certain color by voice control.

Smart System Support
Support Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, IFTTT and other coming systems.

:love_letter: :kiss:We are now recruiting product experience officers for the Bright series, and once selected, you will receive our products for free!!!
This event will begin within the next few months. Seats are limited, register quickly!!!
Once selected in the first round, U-tec team will contact you to confirm qualification, please make sure your application email is still in use.

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Would be interested in being a Product Experience Officer.

Better late than never. Have lots of experience with IOT/Alexa connected devices. Would welcome the opportunity. (Ultraloq UBP+ERO Pro WiFi+Alexa)

You are calling this a “Wifi Mesh,” but is this just for the lights? Or is this an actual wi-fi mesh that will extend the range of your wi-fi network to other devices as well? Calling this a wi-fi mesh suggests the latter so please elaborate because it’s unclear.

I am interested in becoming a Product Experience Officer!

Hello, I would like to be a Product Experience Officer.

Hello, this can only be used for the connection between the “wifi mesh lights” developed by U-tec and has not yet been extended to other devices.

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