U-tec Smart Plug Q&A

Can I create scenes(shortcuts) and automations using the Smart Plug?
-Yes, you can use the U home app to create the ambiance you desire.
-Yes, you can use smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant if you so choose.
Choose from a plethora of products from the U-tec lineup like Ultraloqs, Switches, Plugs, Bright bulbs, and more to give you the control you want.

What smart home platforms will the Smart Plug work with?
-Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, SmartThings, and iPhone Widget when the device is set up in the U home App.

What is Mesh Grouping and would using it benefit me?
-Your U-tec devices within a mesh group connect to each other with one main device connecting to your WiFi router. As the secondary devices connect to each other, the mesh will extend to the furthermost areas whereas your WiFi signals may have trouble reaching.

If you own 1 Smart Plug, the Mesh Group will not benefit you.
-If you own 2 Smart Plugs or more, experience the benefits of extended coverage, increased device capacity, improved connection stability, and consistent group control.

Do I need a separate hub?
-No hub is required.

What is Child Mode?
-In Child Mode, the Smart Plug can only be turned On/Off via the U home app to avoid misoperation by children.

What do the different colors on the led status indicator mean?
-Solid Blue – Smart Mode
-Solid Green – Standalone Mode
-Flashing Green – Configuration Mode
-Flashing Red and Green – Child Mode
-No Light – Plug is Off

What kind of appliances can I use with the Smart Plug?
-The max load for the Smart Plug is 15 amps. We would advise you to keep in mind large microwaves, washers/dryers, air conditioners, and heat-intensive appliances are not recommended. Please check your manufacturer’s manual for more information.