Will not operate in cold weather

My lock is on an exterior door and will not function at low temperatures (10c and below). How can I solve this problem.

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I don’t have an answer but just wanted to say the same thing is happening to mine in the cold weather!

Mine as well. The problem never occurred to me prior to buying ng and installing the unit

In what way does it “not function”. Possibly a battery issue - all batteries lose power in the cold (I understand some Tesla owners are finding that out recently) - although the batteries are on the inside. How cold is the environment on the inside half?

This is also happening with our lock. When you press the large lock button to lock it is unresponsive. Also appears to not be connecting to WiFi and is unresponsive to fingerprint and codes.

When we swap in warm batteries it works again until it cools down. It’s only 17 degrees Farenheit outside so presumably it’s not as cold inside the lock, though exterior surfaces would be that temperature.

This feels a lot like a manufacturing mistake or false measurement of the listed working temperature range. Disappointing and inconvenient.

Also experiencing failures on relatively cold days (below 40 F).

Assuming this is a temperature issue, I’ve cut and installed some hobby felt to go behind the interior part of my UBolt Pro. I noticed the metal framing of the interior side gets quite cold to the touch. I assume the heat is being conducted through the metal framing, across the metal housing that’s inside the door, and into the outside air by the exterior metal framing. The felt reduces the contact between the metal interior part and the metal of the plate it attaches to.

Not sure if this will solve the problem, but so far so good.

If this does work, I’d highly recommend UTec’s industrial designers put an insulating layer between the interior framing and the lock plate in the next hardware revision.

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Update: after adding the felt layer between the interior lock portion and the door, I haven’t had an issue with the device not functioning on cold days.

I recommend anyone else dealing with this give it a try with some kind of insulating material.

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Interesting observation… and a good fix.