Video Smart Lock Ideas

Do you think a smart lock integrated with video doorbell could be your next choice?
What makes a good smart lock with video doorbell feature?

I think this is a great idea! I recently purchased a Dahua 4MP Video Doorbell, and a Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro. I think it would be ideal if these two products were integrated such that the doorbell with a camera included the keypad and fingerprint reader, and the smart lock was synchronized to the access controls on the doorbell.

While I love the fingerprint reader and keypad integrated into the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro, my wife dislikes the look of it. She strongly prefers a traditional deadbolt with mechanical keyway. She’s OK with the smart lock located on the inside of the door. So, if you retained the smart lock on the inside of the door, and mechanical key on the outside, and then located the keypad and/or fingerprint scanner in the doorbell, I think the door would remain relatively clean, and the “high tech” gadget would be concentrated into the doorbell. You’d also have the advantage of dedicated power at the doorbell which is in close proximity to the lock. Ideally, you could also put the Wi-Fi bridge into the doorbell and maximize the battery life of the smart lock by using lower power, short-range wireless communication method (to my understanding, Wi-Fi isn’t great for battery life.)

I like the idea of doorbell integration, I have a Ring Elite because I had wi-fi issues where the doorbell is located and find it is an excellent camera with great alerts as much as I love the Ultraloq locks for choice of smart lock. I think you’d be further ahead to integrate with Ring or have something that would be a universal integration. Ring does connect directly to MyQ and you can open the garage door from the Ring app.