Utec Application is listed as 'unsafe' by ESET

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I set-up the UltraLoq Wifi at home since December 2022 worked seamlessly and had a great experience.

Problem This morning my phone and it’s security software ESET were classifying the UTec Android application had ‘TencentProtect.d’ package within it’s base APK. It’s suggestion was to delete this; not ignore or exempt the application but delete. I held off and contacted support but was interested if I was the only one with the issue? Or are others seeing this as well?

I did some digging of the TencentProtect and came across a blog article from IT World Canada. Taking this with a grain of salt, as one does with random blogs on the net, I am a bit concerned on what this means for my Ultraloq.

I was able to uninstall the application and re-download it. And ESET caught it again being upset with the contents of the application. A rescan after uninstalling reveals that package is gone.

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And I forgot to include the blog I refer to: Understanding Android Malware Families: Riskware – is it worth it? (Article 4) - IT World Canada

The firewall maker Fortinet also listed that module as potentially unsafe with no details why. Meanwhile the vendor of that module (Tencent), the massive multibillion dollar Chinese tech company, markets the module to companies like U-Tec as an anti tamper security product to protect the U-tec app.