Using Smart Locks for your Airbnb and short term rental properties

If you rent your house for the holiday or have an Airbnb, you should think about upgrading this item from your property, the door lock.

Forget about dealing with lost keys every time you have a new guest or waiting for them until they arrive and check-in, this upgrade will let you forget about this, be 100% keyless and with a higher level of security against a standard door lock.

The safety of your property and your guests should be the number one priority, don’t risk it with the first door lock you find in the store across the street, do your research and depending on your needs choose the one that will guarantee it. Here, is where Smart Locks come to scene.

One of the best features of having a Smart Lock is the convenience you have to control it remotely with your phone. You will be able to unlock or lock your lock from anywhere at any time, grant access to guests and visitors via eKeys with specific check in and check out dates, get notifications, view logs of who has entered and how they did, with these features you will get covered.

Want to treat your guest with an extra service? Go ahead and let them enroll their fingerprint so they can open the door with it, they will be thankful, as well as the Review you will get from them.

In U-tec, we offer different models of Smart Locks with all these features, you can check them Here. Also, you might want to take a look at our new U-Bolt Pro.