Ultraloq Donation Program

Joining the efforts of other organizations around the country, we announce that we are opening a Smart Lock Donation Program to health care facilities and related businesses fighting against Coronavirus (COVID-19) to protect their personal protective equipment and medicine stock.

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro and Ultraloq Lever will be donated to the organizations that fill the request below. With a no-touch entry, the risk of getting COVID-19 will be reduced, as each person will be able to open the lock from their smartphone.

Steps to apply for the Smart Lock Donation Program

  1. Fill the form with your business email to ensure the legitimacy of your organization affiliation.

  2. Once we receive the request, we will send an email within 24hrs to the provided email address to verify it.

  3. Answer the verification email.

  4. After we receive the verification email we will proceed with the shipping.

Please click the next links to verify if U-Bolt Pro or Lever can be installed in your doors.

Smart Lock Donation Request Form