Tommy Looks Forward to Moving into His Brand New Home with ULTRALOQ After Fire

EAGLEVILLE, PA - Tommy Rolon, a resident of Eagleville, PA, recently shared his experience with ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro, a smart lock that saved his home during a fire in December 2021.

Tommy recalled how his house caught fire due to a mishap caused by his dog. The fire started from the stove and quickly spread throughout the kitchen, engulfing everything in its path. Fortunately, nobody was in the house at the time, except for his pet dogs. A neighbor noticed the fire and called both Tommy and the fire department.

The fire caused massive damage to Tommy’s home, leaving nothing but a big mess. However, he was amazed to find that his ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro smart lock still worked despite the inferno. He shared that he had purchased two Ultraloq smart locks on a recommendation from a friend, one for the front door and the other for the side door. Tommy appreciated how the locks were easy to use and convenient. He often shared the code with his family and neighbors who needed to access his home when he wasn’t there.

With the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro smart lock, Tommy had the peace of mind that his home was secure even in the aftermath of the fire. The smart lock remained functional despite the destruction caused by the fire, and he was grateful that it had saved his home.

Fast forward 16 months, Tommy is now eagerly awaiting the completion of his new home, which is set to be rebuilt in April 2023. He is looking forward to moving in with his family and starting a beautiful life in their new home.

Despite the traumatic experience, Tommy remains grateful that the Ultraloq smart lock provided an added layer of security to his home during the fire. It is a testament to the reliability and durability of the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro smart lock, which provides users with peace of mind knowing that their home is secure, even in the worst of times.