U-Bolt WiFi Series 01.36.0023 Firmware Release Notes (Fix Some Battery-drain Issues)

We are excited to announce the release of the new firmware for the U-Bolt WiFi Series (Version 01.36.0023). This firmware is currently in the gray-scale release phase, and we want to keep you informed about the updates and improvements it brings.

Important Note: If you are experiencing rapid power consumption issues with your mesh router, please reply to this post and leave your device’s SN or Bluetooth Mac. I will assist you in upgrading your firmware.

If you have already upgraded to this new version and are still encountering issues, please leave your UUID and router model. I will assist in investigating the problem.

We value your feedback and appreciate your trust in U-Bolt WiFi. Thank you for being a part of our community, and we look forward to providing you with the best possible WiFi solutions.


U-tec Product Team

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Where do i find the UUID that you need to update the firmware? I only see the s/n, which is 8030305623080816. Thanks!

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Also don’t have UUID and not sure want to share in public post. Is there more secure way to communicate?

@Scott12 Please offer SN or Bluetooth Mac.

SN is ok. Please keep your lock connected to WiFi, then i will push the firmware.

Can’t update since I only have modern WiFi (5GHz)

How can i make sure both my locks can get this update?

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I am having battery drain issues

Mac 70:B9:50:3B:B5:C2

When should I expect the update?


I am seeing high battery drain.
SN 8030306122370101 BT MAC: 68:67:25:09:18:21

Can you please announce when and how to get the firmware update to my device? I’m on my 5th set of batteries in the short couple months that I’ve owned this thing.

Trouble with battery. Cannot update the firmware.

I have issue with battery drainage
SN: 8030305523190206
Bluetooth: 40:4C:CA:87:21:C1

Is this auto-lock issue being worked on? Auto lock not working when manually unlocked - #57 by Tsai

I am experiencing high battery drain with 2 x U-Bolt-WiFi

I am using an eero 6 router, but not in mesh mode

Both locks are connected to wifi 24/7

S/n 8030305623390009
BT Mac 54:32:04:93:86:29

S/n 8030305623390021
BT Mac 54:32:04:93:81:E1
This lock always shows “door is open” when it is closed. Sensor and settings have been checked.

Hi, can you share me the router purchase link? thanks. @Brine Also, how long can the batteries been used?

Hi Carrie,
The router is provided by my isp.
Is there some info I can get from the eero app for you?
The batteries have only been used for a couple of weeks.

Hi Carrie,

Can you please push the update?


Thank you

Are there plans to resolve the issues mentioned in this thread: Auto lock not working when manually unlocked - #58 by Vaibhav? Or at least acknowledge them and give us an update?

I have tried to update to this firmware version 3 times and received an error each time.