U bolt pro WiFi -wont lock/unlock

New pro WiFi deadlock, straight swap with existing product.

Auto lock takes 3 cycles to fully extended the bolt, unlocking will not fully retract the bolt (takes 3 cycles and leaves about 15 mm hanging out,this can be pushed in by hand)

Any suggestions?

Fyi, batteries were installed when bolt was out, deadbolt mechanism is the right size

@Frank5 Please check your updated ticket #189952 when you are free.

Cheers Logan, will get into it tomorrow after work.

Sounds to me like your bolt is hitting the side of the strike plate just slightly. May need adjusting if you can. Happened to me also after I changed locks. Not sure why. Had to find a plate at hardware store that was a touch skimmer and now works perfectly. You can test theory by taking off jamb side strike plate entirely and seeing if works smoothly.

Did cross my mind so I tried without the plate, heaps of clearance but still no joy.