STR (Short Term Rental) channel Manager

Intergration with STR (Short Term Rental) channel Managers like Lodgify, Guesty, Etc… to automatically generate doorlock codes for new guest reservations.


Airbnb as well, very convenient for generating codes


Wait, is this a request, or a statement that integrations already exist? If so where can i find them? This would be extremely powerful and useful

I believe this is a feature request. Add to this list.

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Also would be great to have the ability to add short term users from VRBO to multiple locks at one time. We have the exterior building door and apartment door to code for each guest.

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At least provide an API, and we could create our own integrations.


Agreed! I’d love to mass generate temporary one-time use codes. I use the lock Bluetooth for off-grid home (and lockers!) and text guests the codes as needed.

Guesty has an option on their dashboard to generate lock codes! It’s something like US .50 per code generated! Wether it is compatible with the Ubolt lock… I am unsure but do know it is a newish feature they provide at an additional cost.

Agreed on this suggestion. But I would first pursue direct integrations with Airbnb and VRBO – most folks who use short term rentals aren’t using a channel manager. Then, after getting direct integration with Airbnb and VRBO (like Yale has done) pursue partners like RemoteLock, Guesty, etc…