Smart Home Devices Working with Ultraloq

Beside smart lock, we are considering developing other smart home devices. What kind of producst do you think would be better?

I have written about and reviewed products within the SmartHome / IOT arena since the early days.

A few ideas of areas which there are currently no products though there is both a need and a demand are:

Smart locks for non-primary doors - such as sliding glass doors, gates, storm doors and potentially windows.

While the market is saturated with certain SmartHome products there are very few wall mounted screens to control IOT devices. This leaves guests unable to control SmartHome devices.


Yes, smart locks for sliding and glass doors would be fantastic, its impossible to find any and if you do they are not suitable for the home. Maybe there is no market for them or maybe its a gap in the market. It would be good to she something for these types of doors from u-tec.

Also Apple HomeKit integration and more features within IFTTT would be fantastic. I should be able to schedule Passage mode on and off as an example. Mind you for a UL1 it would mean that the BT/WiFi dongles need to be more reliable.

Smart plugs are probably the best, as they can be used for a variety of devices and last for a while. And are easy to deploy and expand in addition to features like energy monitoring and direct integration with smart lock unlocking.
The next would be smart switches/dimmers, as they are directly integrated into the house and also last a while. And can serve multiple purposes as motion sensors and temperature sensors. Which can be valuable data integrated into a smart home.
Both of these have the benefit of not needing to be replaced often and have backup control options that helps keep a balance between a smart and dumb homes for the current generation of people transitioning to new technology.