Slim multipoint lock

Are there any future plan for a slim multipoint smart lock? I have a Marvin french door we use more often then our front door. It uses an Amesbury p-1000 gearbox, 45/92 MORTISE LOCK CASE. While there appears to be multiple european options, such as Blusafe, Yale Conexis, or Simpled, there are no American options I’m aware of. As I already use your U-Bolt Pro (and plan to purchase a couple more) it would great to have this as another lock type.

Hello, may I kindly ask in which region you use this type of door? Is this type of door common in your experience? I’m sorry, but we currently do not have plans for this product. However, we will consider it based on customer demand.

I’m in Los Angeles. This type of lock is common in patio and sliding doors. In my research I’ve seen a number of people looking for the same thing. I see Anderson doors can be bought with a custom Yale Multipoint Lock And as I stated before it’s common in front doors in Europe. My only option I see now is to replace the gearbox with a euro lock version and purchase a euro smart lock. Seems like this would be a good product to have in your line up due its local unavailability.

Yeah I have Ubolt Pro Zwave in all my doors, but I can’t use them on my patio sliders. I’m having to try random variants made in China. I think Tuya BT models can work with Home Assistant.

Sliding door locks would be a major win. You would be the only mainstream company to offer them to the western market. There’s literally nothing else in terms of smart locks. Some people have even gone to the trouble of building their own ESP controller based smart lock or latch.

To give you a frame of reference, almost every house around the United States and in the UK has sliding doors with mortise style locks. Come to think of it, pretty much every house I’ve ever been inside in any country I visited has had a sliding glass door. Everyone just has a dumb lock on there, which I find hilarious because it’s so common for that to be left unlocked on accident.

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