Secure Your Home by Knowing Your Burglars

The most common crime in the United States today is home burglary. Criminals take advantage of their victims’ low security houses and take possession of items that can turn into fast cash. Burglaries are most common in the most dangerous states in the U.S., but can also be observed even in the safest states.

Did you know?

2,000,000 home burglaries occur in the United States every year.

The most common entry of burglars to your home are through open/ unlocked windows or doors.

About 66 percent of all reported burglaries are home break-ins.

The highest percentage of burglaries occur in summer.

Homes without security systems have a 300 percent higher chance of being targeted.

Some more facts about burglars.

Every 13 seconds a home intrusion is committed.

2.5 million+ home intrusions are committed each year.

Only 17 percent of the homes in the U.S. have a security system.

2,500+ cars are stolen per day…this is almost two cars a minute.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S.

One out of three residential assaults are a result of a burglary.

85 percent of break-ins are from non-professionals that are usually more desperate and dangerous.

People want security as well as need peace of mind.

Insurance agencies can offer discounts of up to 20 percent for auto insurance when a home security system is installed.

Home security statistics tell us that 95 percent of break-ins needed some amount of force to break-in.

Thieves prefer easy access, usually through unlocked doors or windows.

Home security statistics tell us that the type of tools used to break-in are usually simple, from a screwdriver, to pliers, pry bars, and small hammers.

Police usually only clear 13 percent of all reported burglaries due to lack of witnesses or physical evidence.

Burglars will most likely pass by your home even if you have a tight and secure house. Consider having some technology to protect your home such as CamGuardian security cameras and Ultraloq fingerprint locks. You doors can be secured and watched. Never forget that prevention is always the best solution.