Home Security Part 2

For the second part of the Home Security post, U-tec brings for you 3 more tips to keep your family safe against criminals by taking some safety measures.

Recap. In the last post we talked about:

  1. Taking the side of the criminal
  2. Securing the doors
  3. Talking with your neighbors
  4. Ladders
  5. Deadbolts

Besides those, here are 3 more for you:

  1. Remove hiding places

Trees and bushes may look really nice when fully grown, but remember to trim them every now and then, you don’t want to make a good hiding spot for a burglar. Also, take a look out of your house at night, check all the spots that are very dark and consider installing lights, you can buy motion detection spotlights to save energy.

  1. Lock the windows and secure them

Windows are the favorite entry point for burglars after the door, so consider installing proper window locks depending on the one you have, Sliding, Single or Double-Hung Sashes, Casement, all of them have proper locks.

  1. Use home automation

Technology can help you in many ways and securing your house is one of them, automated lighting, security cameras, and Smart Locks are one of them, controlling all of them at the palm of your hand will give you full control of your house. You can check the different Smart Locks U-tec offers you by clicking Here