Home Security Part 1

Nowadays we read and hear news related to crime that unfortunately it has become common for us, but definitely, the ones that affect us directly are the most unpleasant. Read More to check some tips!

Our homes are where we keep our most important valuables, documents and most importantly, our family. So here are some tips from U-tec to have a safer house and protect your loved ones against criminals.

  1. Take the side of the criminal

For one moment think like a criminal, lock yourself out, analyze all and every probable entry point you can think of, check all the windows, all the doors, garage, basement entrance, backyard, any point that will give access to a criminal. This will give you a general idea in areas where your house is vulnerable and focus on them.

  1. Secure the doors

This one can be pretty obvious but 34% of burglars enter through the front door, be sure you have the proper door lock, an upgrade to a Smart Lock will you give you an extra level of security and U-tec offers you a variety of Smart Locks to avoid being a part of that statistic, click Here to check them out. Aside from the front door check all the other doors that are connected with the exterior and invest a little bit more money on the door locks, you will not regret it.

3. Talk with your neighbors

Neighbors can give you a hard time, but you don’t imagine how getting along with them can help you in terms of security. An extra pair of eyes is always welcome and more when you are away. A positive sense of community is associated with lower neighborhood crime rates according to a study by Old Dominion University

  1. Don’t leave ladders unlocked

You finished some gardening or house chores where you use a ladder, now, remember to put it back in the storage room, backyard or garage and lock it, burglars can use an unlocked ladder to break in through higher windows where most of the time you don’t have proper locks.

  1. Add a deadbolt

Aside from the door lock, adding a deadbolt will add another level of security to your house. U-tec offers you a wide variety of deadbolts, U-Bolt Pro and U-Bolt, which you can access with your fingerprint, code and smartphone and Ultraloq Combo, a two-point smart lock.

Remember to put in practice these tips to provide you and your loved ones a safer house, in the coming days we will post more information to improve your Home Security and if you’ve got any other security tips that will help the community please let us know in the comments!

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