Country Gate Watch Community Group

We are proud to communicate that in the past weeks, we joined the Country Gate Crime Watch Group.

A crime watch group that started last year after a peaceful neighborhood in Indiana began to experience neighborhood crimes such as car break in’s, home burglaries and even two shootings.

A change needed to be made so with the help of the local police department, the group was created. They host crime watch meetings every two weeks where they teach fellow citizens of the township about how to keep their homes and families safe, as well as how to start a successful crime watch group. Due to this so far in 2019, there has been only five reported crime in the neighborhood.

This township was voted the safest city in Indiana for 2019 by the website “HomeSnacks” and to help keep their town in the same place they reached out. In U-tec, we care about you and your family; that’s why we work to develop and create the most secure Smart Locks. Often people forget to lock their doors, and that is a big issue, this leaves their homes and families vulnerable to threats.

Ultraloq Combo was the perfect solution to solve this problem, with a two-point smart lock that offers entry via biometric fingerprint identification, contactless key fob, or a Bluetooth enabled smartphone it brings security and simplicity together.

With Ultraloq Combo they will show fellow residents and crime watch group members how to better protect their homes with a smart lock system that automatically locks after they leave the house and all the features they will get when they decide to upgrade their regular door lock.

If you also have a Community Watch Group, don’t hesitate on contacting us at We will be honored on helping more communities like the Country Gate Watch Community Group.

You can check the complete information about Ultraloq Combo here.