Remove batteries for 6 months?

We intend to leave this house for the winter, and given batteries can leak I thought I would remove them, as the Ultraloqs won’t need to be used at all.

I know settings are stored in “non-volatile memory” but… for six months? Then they’ll pick-up again when the batts are replaced in the spring?

@TJF Please check your recent request #171744 when you have a chance.

I clicked on the link, but my regular utec credentials don’t work there.

Email address / password combination is incorrect, try again or [get a new password]

Support Logan replied:

"For the programmed information, they will be stored in our cloud server. Please do not worry. "

I have removed the batteries and will see next May if I need to reprogram the locks. I’ve left the Wi-Fi bridges plugged-into the walls for whatever that is worth.